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 According to "Forbs" magazine. /05.06.2008/


The rating of the most highly paid occupations in the USA is published. Experts on whom human life directly depends receive the highest salaries in the USA (rating does not consider the salary of top-managers of the large companies).
9 top lines of the list from 25 positions occupy the trades anyhow connected with medicine.
The first place for the last two years is occupied by anaesthesiologists. Their average income makes 192 780 dollars a year. The second place hold the surgeons who earn the average 191 410 dollars a year. And only on 10th place in the list there are operating directors of the companies. Their average wages make 151 370 dollars a year. And the highest wages they receive in the video industry. Then follow the pilots of planes earning on the average 148 810 dollars a year.
To 12th place of the list the medicine returns - psychiatrists receive in the USA 147 620 dollars a year. Dentists, pediatrists, orthopedists follow after them, and only on 17th place this chain is interrupted with lawyers, which average annual earnings make 118 280 dollars a year. Further follow engineering managers, managers in sphere of high technologies, marketing managers, scientific natural scientists, air traffic controllers, and this rating is closed by sales managers and financial managing directors.
In turn, the most low-paid in the USA are workers of the food industry, fast-food restaurants (16,7 thousand dollars a year), dishwashers, service staff of restaurants and hairdressing salons. Their income does not exceed 18 thousand dollars a year. Among the most low-paid works are also booking controllers, workers of a casino, farms, cashiers, housemaids. It is very difficult to become the highly paid expert in the USA - the talent, years of assiduous study and capital investment are required. There are only 31 thousand of anaesthesiologists in the country. In the same time the quantity of workers of fast-food restaurants are 2,6 million persons. Meanwhile most low-paid jobs are often occupied with visitors from other countries.


 These data are serious acknowledgement of predictions of that the following trillionth industry by 2010 is the Wellness industry (everything, that is connected with health). Production of Winalite Technology can with good reason be related to production of Wellness industry.
We are in the necessary place and in the necessary time!


Winalite is the best business proposal of the Year!

The Corporation WINALITE INTERNATIONAL is part of the largest international group working on the world market since 1989 and situated on the territory of China. 
In 2007 The company withdrew to the market a revolutionary product - the range of female anion sanitary napkins TM LOVE MOON, created using nanotechnology, which combines the unique medicinal properties and totally democratic price affordable to every customer! Thanks to the company WINALITE, women around the world have received effective tool for daily maintenance and control of their health. The result appears on the market anion napkins TM LOVE MOON exceeded all expectations - for the first year the company made a record turnover of 300 million dollars! 
But the company does not intend to stop there. Shortly reinforced with a new range of products - the market will do a range of products based on the anions: different clothes, diapers for children and other hygiene products of recreation areas. To date, the company WINALITE with great success working in 11 countries in South-East region, and in early 2008 The company officially came into the market of Russia, which has for the first month of work was put into circulation 2 million - Russians instantly appreciated and products, and a unique financial opportunity provided by the company WINALITE! Now we are on the verge of opening Europe, USA, CIS countries, where thousands of people already know about the company's products and look forward to it. 

The company WINALITE put on the market products that are selling anytime and anywhere, and which needs every woman, regardless of status and age! It is absolutely LIQUIDITY, OUTSTANDING consumer properties and reasonable price, multiplied by the enormous potential of the most effective to date economic system-Network Marketing make WINALITE most promising business proposal on the market! 

To date, our distribution structure - the only one in Central Europe. There is an opportunity to provide serious support for partners: we are regularly engaged in international on-line conferences and training seminars, which are available to all Internet users around the world, teach e-commerce, launched the European site at 3 languages. FULL PRODUCT CERTIFICATION was carry out - certificates are valid throughout the EU! Also,we create a sites for our representatives, provide promotional materials for the Russian and German languages, send samples of products. Now we are undertaking to the opening of our office and warehouse, which will serve all European Union countries. There was a formal agreement with the President and top management of the company WINALITE INTERNATINAL for early start of supply of products to EU countries, in connection with rush demand for products in Europe. 

We invite business people from Europe, America and Canada to our international team to open new markets! There is a unique opportunity to bring the first commercial brand in the territory of different countries and continents and to have a permanent share of the profits from the company's turnover!